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  • Mariposa

    The Mariposa Sofa radiates spacious cosiness and yet has an understated feel due to its well-balanced proportions. Its pleasantly soft upholstery provides extraordinary comfort: the user sinks into its sea of cushions with not a hard surface to be felt. The sophisticated adjustment mechanism for the side and back rests also offers the option to adjust the sitting or lying position individually. Though designed as a two-seater, the Mariposa Sofa offers more than enough room for three people. 
    The name of the sofa hints at its sophisticated features: the flexible design of the slender yet softly yielding arm and back rests brings to mind “mariposa”, Spanish for butterfly.

    The Mariposa sofas offer solutions for a wide range of requirements in regard to size and spatial planning: the Mariposa Love Seat provides spacious seating for one person or – as the name suggests – a cosy spot for two love birds. The Mariposa 2-Seater is an ideal choice for small, urban apartments where it offers full comfort despite its compact dimensions. These two models come with one continuous seat cushion – in contrast to the larger 2 ?-seater and 3-seater versions of Mariposa: fitted with two seat cushions, these sofas invite users to stretch out lengthwise and use the adjustable armrests as a back or neck rest – for instance, as a relaxing place to read or take a nap.
    The range of sofas is complemented by round ottomans in two different sizes. They not only harmonise with the soft contours of the sofas, but also create even more ways to enjoy Mariposa's superb comfort.

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